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An Ontario wilderness paradise in the district of Algoma
For your information
Water pumped from Seymour Lake into our reservoir to supply the water system is fine for washing. Drinking water is not supplied. Please bring your own drinking and cooking water. We have bottled water on-hand. Do not bathe or wash hair in our pristine lake.
The nearest Emergency Medical Facility is located in Thessalon, 1 1/2 hours away from camp. 
We do NOT have Hydro Electric Power. Appliances and lights are propane powered. Please bring flashlights - Candles are prohibited.   We do have solar powered lighting for your use at night.
We have an Emergency Phone at camp.  
No Pets please. We are located in a remote wilderness environment where indigenous animals roam free. 
Grocery Store, Farm Berry Picking and Shopping is located in the nearest town, Thessalon, 1 1/2 hours from camp. Nearest "Corner Store" is 3/4 hour away, at Black Creek Outfitters. 
Seymour Lake Road is a "Bush Road", please proceed with caution and enjoy the scenery. 
Personal water craft are permitted. Please note that using  motors greater than 9.9 hp. is prohibited. Waterskis, tubing & wakeboards are also prohibited. 
Whispering Winds Inc.